Sunday, 15 February 2015

Chocolate hearts.


These are the chocolates I made for my boyfriend on valentine's day !
I agree that this celebration is one of the most commercialized ones you can find, they want you to buy nice presents, and roses, and pink candles, and go to a fancy restaurant... etc.
But I think it's still a great occasion to simply celebrate a mutual love, and genuinely note that you are happy together. You don't have to do as the media say, indeed me and my boyfriend were kind of sick this day so we just stayed all cosy at home and played video games together, and then we went to watch a movie (Jupiter Ascending, not as shitty as we thought it would be, but the characters were empty and stupid - still fun to watch tho -).

I combined two recipes to make those chocolates. I kept all the base from the first one, that I found on this website via Pinterest (in french), and used this one for the sugar toppings.

If you don't speak french you can use the second one, it's great too :)

I also made a cute box to put the chocolate inside. I used origami paper to decorate it (I bought a solid little cardboard box), and pasted it with this all-surfaces glue and a paintbrush.

He ate almost all of them so fast, I should have taken a picture earlier !

Mah box :3

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