Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas is here !

I love every holiday there is, because I love decorating my apartment according to it.
And I also love sparkly stuff, so really Christmas is one of the best for me.
Plus : you get gifts. I looove gifts. 

Here's some pictures of how I decided to decorate my apartment, I found a very cheap shop near where I live that sells lots of cute things, from candles and makeup to peanut butter, and everything around 2-3 € ! That's my kind of shop 👍
It's called Hema for those who are interested (no this post isn't sponsored at all don't worry goddammit), and for those who aren't, here are the pictures :

I finally learned how to make paper snowflakes, and pasted some on the windows :

I bought some lights and some golden stars, and put them together. It makes the place look so cosy and warm ! 💛 :

This is a Christmas wreath I made (is it called that ?) cutting some drawings and hanging them on a thread, it's really simple but yet cute :3 :

And on the window again, I tied the curtains with a sparkly ribbon and a matte golden star :

On my coffee table, I made a kind of Christmas themed "altar" (no I don't pray for Santa I'm not that desperate).
Have you noticed that fake Rudolph? I literally just pasted a red paper dot on the nose of a Yakuru plush (the weird reindeer from Princess Mononoke !) :

Yea that little tree is my Christmas tree, in my apartment I don't have space for a real one :(

 And that's pretty much it ! I always try to put some DIY into my decoration, first of course because I like it, you can make things look like you want, and second because it's waaaay cheaper than buying everything.
I hope you enjoyed my Christmas decorations 💖

See ya ! :D

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